Monte Seco

Monte SecoMonte Seco

Monte Seco | Extra Seco? ? ?Apresenta uma cor muito clara.Este vinho extra seco tem um maravilhoso aroma a amêndoas.Ao ...


Grape varieties – There are six grapes that can be used for the production of Madeira: (see below for wines styles) 5 of these are classified as “noble”.

Sercial – The most dry.

Verdelho – Medium dry.

Bual – Medium rich/sweet.

Malvasia – Most classic Madeira grape, the richest and sweetest.

Terrantez – A rare variety that produces much sought after wines.

Tinta Negra – This variety is not a noble one but the most prolific and versatile of all grapes on the Island. It has the capacity of producing wines in the style of those produced from the “noble varieties”.


The wines that go into “Canteiro” are aged in casks, usually on the top floors of the wine cellars, where the temperature is higher, for a period of two years. This originates a type of oxidative ageing in the cask, allowing the wine to develop unique characteristics of intense and complex aromas. “Canteiro” wines may only be commercialized once at least three years have elapsed, counting from the 1st January of the year following the harvest.


Madeira is the only wine that is heated, to simulate the effects of the old round trip voyages to the East. After harvesting the wines are fortified, to 17-20% alcohol content, with vinic alcohol, and stored in “estufas” vats heated to 45 degrees C for not less than 3 months. Afterwards it is allowed to cool very slowly to room temperature and left to rest for several years.